Solar System


Solar System Manual KYRIAZIS
Instalation - Maintenance

Instructions after the installation

  • The solar system comes to its maximum performance two days after its installation. During these two days it is strongly suggested not to use hot water even if there is sunshine.
  • In case of the collector’s glass breaks, the glass must be immediately replaced so it is avoided further damage to the collector.
  • For all the water heaters it is required once every year to be controlled the correct operation of the valves. We, as a company, suggest you that in the same time must be controlled the nuts, screws and the supporting parts. In case of their damage they should be replaced by the consumer’s expense.
  • During long time of absence (like for summer vacations) it is suggested that you put on the collectors surface a semi-transparent cover.
  • In places where there is a lot of dust it is suggested that you poor plenty of water on the collectors, so it is avoided exaggerated dust on the glass, unless there is much of rainfall.
  • Once every year you should check the liquid level in the closed system. The closed system should be filled with the antifreeze liquid (that is provided) mixed with water.

Instructions for the appropriate completion of liquid (antifreeze) for closed system

  • After the placement of the solar system on its supporting frame and before the collectors’ connection with the boiler, we connect through a T-shape spare part the two collectors between them and we put the flexible tube where it is needed. Then, we mix the antifreeze liquid with water 3 times more than the antifreeze (1 kg. antifreeze liquid+3kg. water). We poor this mixture through a collector’s tube until we see water comes up from the other tube.
  • We put isolation all over the flexible tube so it is throughout the year isolated.
  • We connect the two flexible tubes with the boiler.
  • We poor constantly the same, as above, mixture of liquid through one cube on top of the boiler until it appears from the other boiler’s cube.
  • We close the first boiler’s tube with a plug and we screw the dilation bottle to the second cube.
  • We put the safety valve to the entrance of water coming from the net. (blue rubber).

What if the solar system does not provide hot water via sun

  • Check the connection tubes to make sure that they have not been bent or broke.
  • Make sure there is nothing to prevent sunshine such us tree or building.
  • Make sure there is no trapped air in the collectors or in the boiler.
  • Check for possible leakage in the house hydraulic tubes.
  • Check the liquid level in the closed system and fill it if it is needed.
  • Check carefully all the connections of the solar system for possible leakage.
  • Make sure the boiler is at horizontal position.
  • Make sure all the connections are done correctly.
Also, pay attention to the below factors:
  • Huge consumption of hot water during the night.
  • The customer’s expectations for the system’s performance.
  • Hot water’s expectations might be bigger than the appliance’s capacity.
  • The customer might not understand the electrical resistance’s usage.
  • Existing weather circumstances.

What if the solar system does not provide hot water via the electrical resistance

  • Check the electrical resistance
  • Check the electrical net and the volt provider so it fits the correct places on the resistance.
  • Check the connection of the thermostat with the electrical resistance.
  • Check the central electricity provider.
  • Check the thermal safety button on thermostat which should be pressed towards inside.
Only electrician with license must do the control and the electrical connections!