Solar Pipe ΙΝΟΧ – Fittings

Supporting frames for installation of solar systems and collectors
Solar Pipe ΙΝΟΧ – Fittings

Inox solar pipe with insulation UV + silicon cable 2 X 0,75

  • Duo-Solar pre-insulated stainless steel flexible pipe work systems enable rapid installation of flow and return pipe work within solar thermal systems.
  • High quality product manufactured in Germany by market leading insulation specialist.
  • High temperature insulation ( + 150ᵒC short periods + 170ᵒC )with external copolymer foil finish protects against UV radiation, mechanical damaged & reduces chance of bird & rodent attack.
  • Flow & Return 2 in 2 with inbuilt two core sensor cable, pipe work can be split and used as single pipe.
  • Full range of brass fittings available to connect all pipe sizes, solar collectors, pump groups and storage cylinders.
  • Sizes Available
  • DN16, DN20 & DN25

It is produced in stainless steel AISI 316L and is supplied in coils or cut to size on customer demand. KYRIAZIS SA can supply solar pipe from diameter DN16 to DN25.This type of product is used all over the world for connection purposes in gas and plumbing installations, for conveying industrial fluids and also as connections in solar thermal systems.

Solar pipe corrugated tubes in stainless steel are characterized by an elevated corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and a good tensile strength. Moreover they are a good alternative to rigid piping in cases of misalignment during installation.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the production of brass components, KYRIAZIS SA supplies a complete range of fittings for its customers, complete with packaging, logos and bar codes. All components can be personalized by laser etching or hot pressing. In this way, KYRIAZIS guarantees its customers a complete service and ensures the final customer receives a product that is produced to standard.



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