Selective Collector Tinox

Solar Boilers

  • Boilers made of steel 3mm thick
  • Internal special anticorrosive type of coating EUROGLASS for absolute corrosion protection
  • Electrical resistance 4kw provided with thermostat
  • Cathodic protections with magnesium bar 30 cm length
  • Exterior head exchange jacket made of steel 1,5 mm
  • Insulation with polyurethane density 40 kg/m3 and 60 mm thick
  • Exterior stainless steel casing 0.5 mm
  • Cold water safety valve with 1/2 inch diameter which operates at a pressure of 6kg/cm2.
  • The bolers are offered with one and double coil
  • Test pressure 15kg/cm2
  • Operating pressure 6kg/cm2

- Orders with special dimenstions are accepted after aggreement

Technical Characteristics
TYPE L 120 L 160 L 200 L 230 L 300
CODE ΙΙ ENERGY 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η
CODE ΙΙΙ ENERGY 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η 22-1201 Η


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