Boiler 10L

Electric Heaters 25L – 40L – 60L – 80L – 100L – 120L – 150L
R10A -R10U

  • Functional and convenient control panel
  • Easy mounting above the sink

Nominal capacity [L] 10 L
Protection of the tank Glass ceramic
Rated voltage [V/Hz] 230V/50Hz
Rated power [W] 1500 W
Rated pressure of the water tank 0.8 MPa
Insulation [mm] 19 mm
Heating time from 15°C to 65°C 17 min
Switch On / Off Yes
Adjustable thermostat Yes
Magnesium anode Yes
Anode tester No
Safety valve Yes
Dimensions H /W / D [m] 0.410 x 0.370 x 0.250 m
Net weight [kg] 6.50 kg
Installation above the sink
Warranty (full) 5 years


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